baby swim lessons

Baby swim lessons adjust your child to the water, teach you as a parent how to practice the new skills with your child and teach you important water safety information so you can better supervise your child and prevent potential dangers around the water. Our baby swim lessons for ages 6 months up to 2 years old are taken with a parent in the water. This provides comfort for the child and teaches parents swimming and water safety skills to practice with their child.

Baby swim lessons

Start your baby in swim lessons as early as 6 months old!

Our baby swim lessons teach swimming skills using songs, games and repetition. Our goal is to adjust your child to the water, to teach water safety and to teach swimming skills that will accelerate their development. 

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Ages 6-36 months

Level I

  • Enter water by being lifted in or walking in
  • Exit water by lifting out/walking out/using ladder/climbing out
  • Blow bubbles on surface with nose and mouth submerged
  • Submerge mouth, nose and eyes
  • Underwater exploration
  • Front glide with support
  • Back float with support 
  • Back glide with support
  • Roll from front to back and back to front with support
  • Pass from instructor to parent and parent to instructor with assistance
  • Kicking on front with support
  • Kicking on back with support

Level II

  • Open eyes and retrieve an object underwater
  • Bob
  • Front glide to the wall with assistance
  • Front float with assistance
  • Back float with assistance
  • Pass from parent to instructor and instructor to parent with assistance
  • Roll from front to back with assistance 
  • Roll from back to front with assistance
  • Kicking on front 
  • Kicking on back
  • Alternating arms on front
  • Combined arm and leg action with assistance