Why Swim Lessons San Diego?

backstroke push off

  • Private swim lessons
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Highly qualified instructors
  • Less distractions
  • It’s more comfortable

Swim Lessons San Diego sends swim instructors to your home pool or community pool to teach swimming and water safety.  We teach private swim lessons for all ages and abilities tailored to your individual swimming goals.  With our flexible scheduling you can choose when and how often you’d like swim lessons, and it allows you to makeup lessons when life happens!

We believe in high expectations with positive reinforcement, we want to spread the joy of learning how to swim, and we want to prevent drownings.  Swim lessons at an early age is one form of drowning prevention.

Swimming has many benefits.  That’s why we have private swim lessons for all ages and abilities.  Swimming stimulates all four quadrants of the body activating the brain and developing growth.  Children under 4 years old who take swim lessons are further developed both physically and mentally than their peers who do not swim.  For injured or older adults, swimming is a great non weight bearing exercise that boosts energy and mood.

Exercise increases positive thinking, attention, concentration, memory, energy, self confidence, and it grows brain cells.  Live a longer, happier life as a swimmer.  Have an instructor come to your house to give private swimming lessons.


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Kristina is an amazing instructor.  My daughter, Piper, swims like a fish and is learning her strokes at 5 years old!