Learn why Swim Lessons San Diego stands out as one of the best

Kristina coached my kids in improving their swimming technique and helped them to become confident, strong swimmers. Kristina strikes the right balance between encouragement and technique refinement and makes it fun and constructive for her students. Kristina is very punctual, dedicated and cares genuinely for her students to help them strengthen and refine their swimming. I would highly recommend Kristina and her swim lessons.

George E.

Kristina is a great swim coach! I have learnt how to do breaststroke and freestyle from her, from barely know how to float. Specifically, Kristina has an encouraging and motivating style. What especially makes me like her lessons, is that she teaches different students with approaches that best suit them. Even when we took group lessons, Kristina would identify each person’s weakness and strength, and come up with different exercise regimes that help overcome our weakness and improve our strength. I highly recommend her lessons, especially for beginners and those who would like to improve their swimming skills!

Ai Z.

Kristina is just flat out awesome! I’m new to swimming and wanted to try something different since I was bored of the gym. A coworker of mine recommended joining her classes. I was hesitant at first but eventually decided to take the “plunge.” As a newbie she really helped me get into the sport by breaking down each movement, concentrating on one element at a time and progressing as appropriate. Before I knew it I was able to swim laps in no time and was having fun doing so!

Not only is Kristina an all around awesome instructor she’s a wonderful person and knows how to make swimming fun. I’m pretty sure I drank half the pool water from laughing during our workouts. My only regret was not taking classes sooner! Thanks Kristina!

Jake V.

It’s rare to meet a teacher who truly knows how to meet students where they are, and Kristina does exactly that. I started swimming for exercise a few months ago after higher impact activities weren’t working for my body anymore, and I quickly noticed I had no idea what I was doing, even though I’d learned how to swim as a kid. I felt like I was flailing around in the pool, couldn’t swim for more than 15 minutes without feeling exhausted, and couldn’t breathe correctly. Basically I could survive in the pool, but thriving wasn’t even a possibility.

After only a few lessons with Kristina, I feel more confident, I’m understanding how to breathe without freaking out, and I’m becoming more aware of how my body moves in the water. I’ve even worked my way up to swimming for about an hour, because I’m learning how to swim more efficiently.

Kristina is an excellent teacher, and she makes the lessons enjoyable, approachable, and 100% worthwhile. She takes an individualized approach to teaching and offers useful feedback in a kind, compassionate way. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Kristina, and I highly recommend her coaching, whether you’re just learning to swim or you’re already an aquatic badass and want to get even better.

Jen S.

Kristina is incredible with both children and adults! In addition to solid technical training that will provide anyone with an excellent foundation and the skills they need to evolve as a swimmer, she is fun!!! Kristina makes sure her clients are cared for and connected with on an individual level and this makes all the difference. I’d choose Swim Lessons San Diego every time!!

Lindsey J.

I’m embarrassed to say, before I met with Kristina, I didn’t know how to swim. A few friends tried to teach me how to swim but, if you’re looking to make progress, there are some things that are worth hiring a coach for. Learning to swim is one of them.

Kristina started to work with me Feb 2013 for a sprint triathlon I signed up for the following month.  By the end of the first lesson I felt more confident in water. She gave me drills to work on and coached me through the sprint triathlon and subsequent longer distance triathlons (all the way up to ultra distance – Ironman).

She’s extremely patient and I’ve seen her work with a wide range swimmers.  My only complaint is that I didn’t meet with Kristina sooner.


Kristina was a fantastic swim instructor for our kids!  She was patient, funny, and met the kids on their level.  Both of my children looked forward to swimming with her and made tremendous progress over the summer.  My older child (7) was introduced to all of the strokes and my younger child (2) became comfortable in the water with safety flotation devices and has become increasingly comfortable jumping in the water. As a testament to the impact Kristina made on my kids, my younger child just asked me last week if Kristina was going to the pool with us!  And she hasn’t seen Kristina in over 5 months!   As a parent working with Kristina, was wonderful also. She was flexible, communicated well, and was incredibly responsive and responsible.

Carol H.

Kristina taught our kids last summer and they loved it.  They had taken lessons previously and disliked swimming. They looked forward to swimming with Kristina.  She made them work and improve their stroke and made it fun.  I would highly recommend her.

Barbara P.

Before working with Kristina I had some swimming foundations that were enough to survive some small local triathlons and end somewhere towards the middle/back of the pack.  When I decided to sign up for a 70.3, I knew I needed some professional help to get me over some injuries, work on my form, and survive the course!


Kristina worked with me to establish some base line goals and helped me get a plan related to increasing my time in the water and adjusting my form after my injury.  She patiently watched my form, helped my identify ways to work through my injury, focused on drills and intervals, and a provided healthy does of encouragement to get me ready for race day.

After 5 sessions, a lot of pool time, and a few months later I completed by 1.2 mile swim without pain and managed to get through my first 70.3. Kristina was great to work with and I recommend her for swimmers of all levels looking to improve!

Anita R.

Kristina got my daughter from being terrified to swim to snorkel in just a couple of months. She is great with kids and my daughter adores her. Very professional and always on time. I highly recommend her.

Maria R.

Kristina is wonderful.  My sister and I have both of our kids in joint private lessons with her.  We’ve worked with her 2 summers in a row and couldn’t be happier.  She drives out to our private pool for our lessons, but she also works out of public locations.  Best of all, the kids love her.  Her outgoing and bubbly personality hooks them and her swimming games keep them interested.  She is great at boosting confidence and getting the little ones comfortable in the water.  Both of our kids have learned how to swim, but it’s been so much fun for them along the way that they never even realized they were being taught.  I cannot recommend Kristina enough for her kind gentle approach to swimming.

Jessica Q.

Kristina is an amazing swim instructor. We came to San Diego for a vacation and in less than one week she had my son swimming underwater and doing the crawl–and he had been so afraid before that two years of swim lessons hadn’t worked. She’s incredibly smart about her work– which you may not notice because she appears so upbeat and happy and makes it look easy, but she knew how to work with my quirky kid better than a lot of “experts”. Great instructor and lovely person.


Kristina has been teaching my kids to swim for the past 3 years, since they were 2 years old!  She is patient and kind, but very persistent.  My daughter, Piper, swims like a fish and is busy learning her strokes at 5 years old! We are so thankful for Miss Kristina and plan on swimming lessons for years to come!

Cindy B.

Swimming has always been something that interests me. Learning it is the challenging part as an adult who never knew how to swim, and after a while of looking for the best coach that perfectly suits my needs, I met Kristina — and I won’t be able to express this enough but I kid you not, she’s the most amazing coach you’ll ever have!

From unlearning the bad swim habits I had (thought I knew how to swim from doing sessions with different coaches! LOL) to learning the right ways, she’s guided me with a lot of enthusiasm and patience! Observing her back then coaching other adults, everyone can really tell how knowledgeable and confident but humble she is at what she’s doing. And now that I am actually learning through her, in every step, it inspires me to do a lot more! You will really see the improvement after every lesson.

Kristina is a coach you wouldn’t want to let go of! She will accommodate and is very flexible with whatever is comfortable for your learning and speed — no pressure at all! There’s a lot more to say about how wonderful she is but tell you, she’s not just a big mentor but also a great person.