kids swim lessons

In our kids swim lessons a lot of times kids don’t even realize they are in a class because they are having so much fun while they are learning! We introduce challenging new skills appropriate to the level of the swimmer and make swimming fun by mixing learning with playing. We believe in teaching children how to swim without creating fear and anxiety. Our approach builds confident swimmers who learn to love and respect the water.

Swimming isn’t just another extracurricular activity like soccer or dance. Swimming is a life saving skill. Formal swimming lessons can reduce your child’s risk of drowning by up to 88%. Kids swim lessons teach water safety and give your child lifelong opportunities to safely enjoy the water whether it be at a pool party, swimming in the ocean or being able to go surfing.

Alex kicking

Kids swim lessons shouldn’t stop at 7 or 8 years old. Kids need to revisit swimming lessons to practice technique to be strong swimmers. Especially in San Diego, continuing kids swim lessons is a necessary safety precaution to prevent drowning. Swimming is the most popular recreational activity for children and teens ages 7-17. The stronger the swimmer, the safer they are. Invest in kids swim lessons so your child can become a strong swimmer who is capable of being safe in and around the water.

Private kids swim lessons help save lives!

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Ages 5+

Level I – Beginner Intro to Water Skills

  • Enter and exit water
  • Blow bubbles using rhythmic breathing
  • Recover from a front glide to a vertical position with float
  • Recover from a back glide to a vertical position with float
  • Front glide with assistance
  • Back glide with assistance
  • Roll from back to front and front to back with assistance
  • Treading water supported
  • Flutter kick with board head up on front
  • Flutter kick with board on back
  • Front crawl with assistance 
  • Back arms and kick with assistance
  • Jump in with assistance

Level II – Advanced Beginner Fundamental Skills

  • Bob 10 times
  • Hold breath underwater for 10 seconds
  • Retrieve object underwater in chest deep water
  • Jump in and swim back to the wall
  • Front glide
  • Front float
  • Back glide
  • Back float
  • Roll from back to front
  • Roll from front to back
  • Change direction while swimming on front or back
  • Tread water for 15 seconds
  • Flutter kick with board with face in the water breathing
  • Freestyle 10 yards
  • Backstroke 10 yards
  • Elementary backstroke arms with flutter kick 10 yards

Level III – Stroke Development

  • Bobbing in deep water
  • Jump in deep water and swim
  • Back float 1 min in deep water
  • Change from vertical to horizontal position on front in deep water
  • Change from vertical to horizontal position on back in deep water
  • Tread water 1 min in deep water
  • Turn around in a full circle while treading water
  • Push off in streamline and kick on front 5 yards
  • Front crawl 15 yards with side breathing
  • Backstroke 15 yards
  • Breaststroke kick 15 yards
  • Elementary backstroke 15 yards

Level IV – Stroke Improvement

  • Swim underwater 5 yards
  • Tread water 2 minutes
  • Freestyle 25 yards
  • Backstroke 25 yards
  • Elementary backstroke 25 yards
  • Breaststroke 25 yards
  • Butterfly kick 15 yards

Level V – Stroke Refinement

  • Surface dive in deep water
  • Tread water 5 minutes
  • Freestyle 50 yards
  • Backstroke 50 yards
  • Elementary backstroke 50 yards
  • Breaststroke 25 yards
  • Butterfly 25 yards