About Us

Swim Lessons San Diego offers private swimming lessons at your home pool or community pool.

Our Mission

Everyone can learn how to swim! We want our swimmers to learn to love the water and know to how to be safe! Our students look forward to our lessons because we make learning to swim fun and create a positive and encouraging learning environment!.

Swim Lessons San Diego was founded by an Elementary and Special Education Teacher. Our patience, knowledge and understanding makes our success rate much higher with fearful swimmers and Special Needs Swim Lessons. Everyone can learn to swim with the appropriate instruction in the best possible learning environment.

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About the Founder

Kristina Viviani started teaching swimming lessons in 2005 at the East Hampton YMCA while working on her Masters Degree in Elementary and Special Education. Families with young children would come from New York City to the Hamptons for the summer and rent homes with pools. Since home pools are the most common place drownings occur, Kristina saw a need for private swimming lessons at home. When Kristina moved to San Diego in 2008 she founded Swim Lessons San Diego. Kristina is a highly skilled instructor with a background as a competitive swimmer, ocean lifeguard and Special Education Teacher.

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