Is your child pool safe?

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when The answer is no, your child is not pool safe. Supervision is the most important in drowning prevention. However swim lessons at an early age can also prevent drowning. The last thing you want in a dangerous situation is panic because the body tenses up and sinks like a rock. To learn how to be safe in the water your child needs to learn how to be comfortable in the water and understand how to use the water to breathe. This entails numerous experiences playing in the water and practicing how to swim.

The first place kids explore water is in a bath or shower. Parents, please make sure you allow water to run over your child’s face and encourage them to allow water in their ears and eyes. Get creative and pretend the shower is a waterfall or pretend it’s raining. Be gentle and reassure that mommy/daddy let water run over their face, so it’s safe and fun. Show them. This will make swim lessons easier because your child will have already gotten used to water on the face, eyes and ears.

When children take swim lessons, we teach them limits. During swim lessons we discuss common safety precautions such as never swimming alone, knowing where the shallow end is and where it gets too deep to stand, and knowing how to get out of the deep end if you end up there by accident.

Please be sure your home pool is safely gated. When you are going somewhere where there are a lot of kids in the pool at once, don’t take your eyes off your child. Lifeguards help save lives, but you still need to be sure you’re watching your child. It’s the perfect opportunity for a natural learning experience. Talk about the different things you see happening at the pool. Keep it simple and use the language “safe” and “not safe” to help small children understand danger.

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