Why Should my Infant Take Swim Lessons?

Infant swim lessons will make your child smarter! Research has shown that infants who take swim lessons excel compared to their peers in many milestones. Younger swimmers are more confident, more articulate, more social and perhaps even a little smarter than their non-swimming peers. The table below shows research from the Griffith University Study, August, 2013.

Major Milestones AchievedTypical ChildChild Enrolled in Swim LessonsSwimmers are SMARTER!
Separates Easily From Parents37-72 monthsAs early as 19 months18 months earlier!
Speaks Clearly Enough for Strangers to Understand61-72 months…25 months36 months earlier!
Follows a Two or Three Word Command & Simple Instructions25-72 months…13 months12 months earlier!
Climbs Well37-72 months…13 months24 months earlier!
Runs Easily37-72 months…19 months18 months earlier!
Correctly Names Some Colors49-72 months…25 months24 months earlier!
Understands the Concept of Counting49-72 months…25 months24 months earlier!
Interested in New Experiences49-72 months…19 months30 months earlier!
Cooperates With Other Children49-72 months…25 months24 months earlier!
Says Several Single Words25-72 months…13 months12 months earlier!
Identifies Common Objects and Pictures25-72 months…13 months12 months earlier!

Children who take swim lessons not only benefit from performing significantly better than the typical population in every major milestone, they learn life skills. Swimming isn’t just a sport. Swimming is a life saving skill. Want to give your child a head start from their peers? Sign them up for infant swim lessons today.